A Thunny and A Dolphin

A Thunny and dolphin wash ashore. The Thunny was pleased to see the dolphin die first. There is satisfaction in taking one’s enemy along if one has to die.

The Monkey and The Dolphin

Dolphin saved a Monkey from drowning and gave him a ride to Athens. Dolphin questioned Monkey about Athens and was lied to. Monkey got drowned after all. Bragging, lying, and pretending, has cost many a man his life and estate.

The Dolphins, The Whales, and The Sprat

Dolphins and Whales were fighting when a Sprat offered to help them. Seems they would rather fight. Too bad. Some would rather fight than not.

The Lion and The Dolphin

The Lion and Dolphin made a pact to help each other. When the Lion was attacked he called for the Dolphin who could not come as he could not leave the sea. The spirit may be willing, but the flesh may be unable.