The Fly In St. Paul’s Cupola

A Fly examined columns in St. Paul’s to be rough and unfinished. A Spider commented the structure wasn’t built for the Fly but for a much larger creature. Take all factors into account before making a decision.

Amelia and The Spider

Amelia was lamenting a rip in her clothes were. A Spider described how its web was swept away and rebuilt. Who spent their time better? Don’t just sit around complaining; do something.

The Bee and The Spider

A Bee and Spider argued which was the better artist. The Spider touted its web. The Bee touted its comb. Each argued against the other. Nobody won. The value of art is often estimated by its use.

The Silkworm and The Spider

A Spider and Silkworm were spinning. Spider bragged how fast its web was built. Silkworm pointed out her web would be treasured while Spider’s swept away. Fine work gets preserved and treasured.