The Farmer and His Dog

A Farmer came home to his child’s cradle overturned; the Dog near and bloody. Farmer killed the Dog then found live child a dead Snake under the cradle. Acting in blind rage is dangerous.

The Traveller

A Traveller stepped away from and walked around some snakes in the road but, when he came upon some worms paid them no attention and crushed them. Compassion is often only given to those who can hurt you.

The Lion and The Snake

A hungry Lion brushed aside a Snake with his paw. The Snake, angered, bit the Lion with deadly venom. Snake pointed out even small enemies can hurt. Any enemy is a bad enemy.

The Tail of the Serpent

A Snake’s Tail rebelled against the Head so Head let Tail lead the way. Over a cliff they both went. Tail was silent after that. Know your place.

Porcupine, Snake, and Company

Despite an agreement with the snakes to share, the porcupine defended not sharing with his quills. Ouch. Hasty partnerships may be repented of.

The Viper and The File

It is useless attacking the insensible. A viper (or snake), in vain, attempts to bite a steel file. It is useless attacking the insensible.

The Fowler and The Viper

A man walking and concentrating accidentally stepped on a viper which bit him. Concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of others at your own peril.

A Snake and A Crab

A Snake was advised by a Crab to give up bad dealings. Snake did not so Crab found the Snake and killed it. Snake should have listened to Crab. Be frank and open in your dealings.

Jupiter and a Serpent

A Serpent brought the gift of a rose to Jupiter who refused the gift as accepting it would put him in debt to a Serpent. Not a good thing. If you receive a gift you must befriend the giver.

The Manslayer

A Manslayer (murderer) was pursued. When at the Nile River a Lion chased him up a tree where a serpent forced him to jump in the river and be eaten. Murderers have no place to hide.