The Hen and The Swallow

A Hen sat on eggs in am abandoned viper’s nest. A Swallow called her out asking why she would be incubating the eggs of a mortal enemy. Good question! A good natured man will often assist his own destruction.

The Crow and The Serpent

A hungry Crow flew down and grabbed a Serpent who looked dead but was alive and turned and bit him with a fatal bite. Bye, bye Crow. Desire things you don’t understand and you accept the consequences.

The Serpent and The Eagle

Serpent had the best of an Eagle when a man freed the Eagle. Serpent put venom into the man’s water but the Eagle knocked it out of his hand. Man lived. Help those who help you.

The Wasp and The Snake

A Wasp tormented a Snake close to death. The Snake decided to put his head under a wagon wheel in hopes to take the Wasp with him in death. As a last resort take your enemy with you.

The Swallow, The Serpent, and The Court of Justice

A Swallow nested on the Court of Justice. A Snake came and ate her babies. She bemoaned how she got no justice where others did. Justice is fickle.

The Countryman and The Snake

A Man’s Son stepped on a Snake who bit and killed him. The Man cut the tail off the Snake which then went after the Man’s Cattle. No truce could be had. Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.

The Farmer and The Snake

A farmer takes pity on a frozen snake and brings it home. Thawed, the snake reverts to character and bites all. The wicked show no thanks.

The Boy Hunting Locusts

A Boy hunting locusts put out his hand toward a Scorpion. The Scorpion, showing his stinger, made the Boy glad he did not touch him or he would lose all. Caution is important.