The Mastiff and The Goose

A Goose claimed a pond for she and her young and chased all comers. A Mastiff appeared to take a drink and chastised the Goose and got his drink. Use care with bothering those bigger and stronger than you.

The Goose and The Swans

A vain Goose went around bragging about looks and even compared herself to Swans. Mistake. A Swan showed up to correct the record. When you brag you only reveal your own faults.

The Wild and Tame Geese

Two tame Geese joined a group of wild Geese. A Fox approached and all the Geese took wing. The tame, however, were not used to flying. Fox’s supper! Be prepared for anything.

The Geese and The Cranes

Geese landed to feed with cranes. When scared, the lighter cranes fled but the geese were caught instead. The more vulnerable need to watch more closely.

The Goose With The Golden Eggs

A man owned a goose that laid golden eggs and decided to kill it to obtain the source of gold. There wasn’t one. Too bad. Greed often overreaches itself.

The Swan and The Goose

A Swan and Goose were raised together; one for song and one for supper. The cook picked the Swan but he sung out and saved his life. A man cannot be too careful of what he does, where the life of any creature is in question.