The Cock and The Jewel

A Cock (Rooster) looks for food but finds a jewel and throws it aside as unwanted. Precious things are for those who prize them.

The Bear and The Fowls

A Siberian Bear came to a farm where Fowls were drinking; throwing their heads back. They said it was religious. Bear laughed. Fowls chided non-belief. Do not mock what you don’t know about.

Aesop and The Poultry

Neighbors watched Aesop examine a group of poultry in a yard. He observed to them that mankind was often no better: crowing and poorly scratching. Mankind is often no better than animals.

The Fighting Cocks and The Turkey

Two fighting Cocks battled for the least insult one to the other. A Turkey remarked how silly that they maim themselves for life over something small. Don’t over react.

The Young Mouse, The Cock, and The Cat

A young Mouse described his first trip out. He thought a Cat friendly and a Cock to be a frightening monster. His mother quickly set him straight. Looks can be deceiving.

A Cock and Horses

A Cock started scratching the straw among Horses stamped their hooves. The Cock said everyone had to be careful that they did not tread on each other. It’s not wise to hold yourself in high esteem when it’s not warranted.

The Fox and The Cock

A Fox caught in a trap asked a passing Cock to get a stick so he can get out of the trap. Smart Cock brought the farmer who had the stick. Bye Bye Fox. Sweet talk doesn’t always work.

The Lion, Jupiter, and The Elephant

A Lion bemoaned his state to Jupiter who refused to help. The Lion then saw an Elephant who was bothered by a Gnat. The Lion thought better of his state. There is always someone else worse off than you.

The Thieves and The Cock

Thieves stole a Cock who pleaded for life saying he serviced man by waking him. The thieves thought this all the better reason to kill and eat the bird. The safeguards of virtue are hateful to those with evil intentions.

The Cocks and The Partridge

A Partridge put in with gamecocks watched them fight and worried for his safety. Not to worry he found out as game cocks fight each other all the time. Some people quarrel just for the sake of quarreling.