The Wolf and The Lamb

Tyrants need no excuse. A Wolf catches a Lamb by a river and argues to justify killing it. Doesn’t matter as the Wolf needs no excuse. Tyrants need no excuse.

The Eagle and The Daw

A Daw saw an eagle carry off a sheep and tried the same trick. The daw could not do it and got caught. Ouch. Don’t take on more than you can accomplish.

Epictetus In The Fur Shop

Epictetus picked a fur coat with rare lynx on one side and lamb on the other. He wore the coat with the lamb showing. That way he could appear common. For advantage hide things you don’t want known.

The Sheep and The Bramble

A Sheep sheltered under a Bramble during a storm and fell asleep. On waking the Sheep found itself snared by the Bramble. Protection and fleece gone! Protection can be fleeting.

The Wolf and The Lamb

A young Lamb encountered a Wolf outside the fence. The Wolf sweet-talked the Lamb into joining him for a nice meal of grass. The meal was Lamb instead! There is a reason for fences; don’t stray out of bounds.

The Blind Sheep

A blind Sheep scheduled surgery with Oculist Owl. The Sheep asked about the world and Owl said all was the same. Sheep said stop; didn’t want to see that. Sometimes improvements might not be considered help.

The Shepherd and The Young Wolf

A Shepherd raised a young Wolf with his Dogs. It seemed well trained but held behind and ate off the flock until found out. Shepherd hung the Wolf. Crimes are eventually found out and prosecuted.

The Sheep and The Dog

Sheep complained they had to pay with wool for their good life but the Dog did not have to pay. Dog pointed out without him Sheep would likely be dead. Consider all before you judge.

The Wolves and Sheep

Wolves and Sheep made a pact of peace where Sheep gave up Dogs and Wolves their young. The young cries and Wolves cried foul. Bye-bye Sheep! Weaken your defenses at your own peril.

A Dog, A Sheep, and A Wolf

A Dog brought court action against a Sheep for wheat borrowed but not returned. Three false witnesses testified and the Sheep lost but did nothing wrong. Justice demands a fair court hearing.