The Sheep-Biter

A Shepherd trusted his dog with the sheep. The dog was caught biting and killing sheep and at sentencing for the crime begged for his life. Dog gone. All criminals must be punished for crimes.

The Lamb and The Wolf

A Lamb took refuge from a Wolf in a temple. The Wolf said the Lamb would be sacrificed there to which the Lamb said that would be better than eaten. Better to honor the Gods than fall to your enemy.

The Wolf and The Lion

The Wolf killed a sheep. While carrying it he met a Lion who took the sheep. Wolf complained about the theft but the Lion pointed out the hypocrisy in that. The strong prevail.

The Crow and The Sheep

The Crow bothered a Sheep who said a Dog would not have stood for the abuse. The Crow pointed out that he picked his targets just for that reason. Pick your enemies.

The Lion and The Bull

A Lion tried to trick a Bull to his lair by inviting to share a killed sheep. On approach, the Bull saw tools but no sheep and turned and left. Very wise! When a man has both an interest and an inclination to betray us, there’s no trusting him.

A Wolf and A Lyon

A Wolf and Lion (Lyon) were traveling together. The Wolf heard sheep and went to get supper. The sheep were guarded so the Wolf lied to the Lion about them. Indifference hides promises unkept.

The Shepherd and The Sheep

A Shepherd put his cloak on the ground and shook acorns on it for his sheep. The sheep ate the acorns and tore the cloak. Shepherd was not happy. An appetite blinds men to their surrounds.

The Wolf and The Shepherd

A Wolf stayed with a flock of sheep until the Shepherd started to ignore him. With that opportunity the Wolf struck and had his meal. Don’t trust your enemy to guard your valuables.

The Stag, The Wolf, and The Sheep

A Stag asked to borrow wheat from a Sheep and said he would leave a Wolf as a bond. The Sheep, understandably, did not think much of this offer. Two wrongs do not make a right.

A Wolf, A Lamb, and A Goat

A Lamb was following a Goat when a Wolf tried to get him alone by chiding him for leaving his mother to follow a Goat. Lamb saw through the ruse and lived. Trust your parents over you enemy.