The Sheep and The Dog

Sheep complained they had to pay with wool for their good life but the Dog did not have to pay. Dog pointed out without him Sheep would likely be dead.

Consider all before you judge.

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The Sheep one day complained to the Shepherd that while they were shorn of their fleece, and their young ones often taken and killed for food, they received nothing in return but the green herbage of the earth, which grew of itself, and cost him no pains to procure. “On the other hand, your Dog,” said they, “which gives no wool, and is of no use for food, is petted and fed with as good meat as his master.” “Peace, bleating simpletons!” replied the Dog, who overheard them; “were it not that I look after and watch you, and keep off Wolves and thieves, small good would be to you your herbage or anything else.”

1001Canis et Ovis Conquerens

Quo tempore animalia et pecudes sermone utebantur, aiunt ovem dixisse hero suo, “Per mihi mirum videtur nihil nobis a te praeberi cogique e terra nos victum quaerere, de quibus tamen tu et lanam capis et caseos et agnos. At canibus, unde nihil horum tibi redit, impertis panem quo ipse vesceris.” Tum canem, qui hoc audisset, ferunt sic locutum, “Merito hercle meo fit, nam ego is sum qui vos ipsas etiam custodio atque servo, ne vel hominum furto vel luporum raptu pereatis. Quod si ego vestram custodiam negligerem, iam ne ad pabula quidem exire auderetis prae formidine interitus.” Atque ita etiam oves ipsas facile passas fuisse accepimus, ut se canes potiores et maiore in honore haberentur.

Perry #356