The Owl’s Assembly Of Birds

An Owl held a party. Dove wanted to leave early but as others left and were insulted by the Owl Dove stayed and left last so no-one would hear the insult. Slander wounds; do not berate others.

The Ant and The Dove

A dove about to be caught in a tree was scared away because an ant, seeing the problem, stung the bird catcher who then yelled. Return favors given to you.

The Dove and The Crow

A caged Dove boasted to a Crow about all the young. The Crow pointed out to the Dove that having many young is good but it’s better for them to be free. Many children are a great blessing; but a few good ones are a greater.

A Jackdaw and Pigeons

A Jackdaw tries to be two things but fails at both. Too bad. He that trims between two interests, loses him with both, but is true to neither.