A Boar Challenges an Ass

A Boar and an Ass were to fight. They came at each other with the Boar feeling confident of his tusks. The Ass then turned and kicked. Poor Boar! Know your enemy and his tactics.

The Boar and The Ass

A Boar was insulted by an Ass but wisely avoided conflict with nothing more than a curt comment. The impudent sometimes escape the effects of their impudence.

A Boar and A Horse

A Boar dirtied water a Horse wanted to drink. Going to Man, the Horse agreed to be ridden to the water so Man could kill Boar. Horse never got released. Be careful how you take revenge; you could end up a slave.

The Old Hound

An Old Hound caught but could not hold a Boar (Stag). His Master berated him ignoring the fact that he was old and unable to hunt any longer. The spirit is willing but the flesh weak.

The Old Lion

An Old Lion was near death so animals that used to fear him came and abused him. Sadly, the Lion could do nothing to stop them. Only cowards insult dying majesty.

The Lion and The Boar

A Lion and Boar fought over water on a hot day. During a break in the fight they saw Vultures waiting for the loser. Instantly, the battle was over. Better to be friends than fight.