Hercules and The Wagoner

A stuck wagoner prays to Hercules for help but receives none. The gods help those who help themselves.

The Blind Hercules

When Hercules was blind he was mocked and teased unmercifully. When he got his sight back those who mocked found that mockery was not a good idea! Mock today and you may regret it tomorrow.

Hercules and Plutus

As a God Hercules called on all other gods except Plutus. Asked why not, Hercules said he saw the God of Wealth with many rascals on Earth it wasn’t proper. Your reputation precedes you.

Hercules and Pallas

Hercules came on and beat a small animal that grew with each strike until Pallas came along and said to stop as it was Strife and would shrink if not fed. Strife will only increase if you feed it.

The Trees Under The Protection of The Gods

Each of the gods picked a tree for protection. Minerva, wisest, picked the olive tree on account of its fruit which can be put to good use. Do what is useful.

The Flea and The Wrestler

A Flea bit a Wrestler who called out to Hercules for help. None came even after the second bite. Seems Hercules answered but said: “No.” We petition gods for minor matters, yet take offense if such petitions are not granted.