The Blind Hercules

When Hercules was blind he was mocked and teased unmercifully. When he got his sight back those who mocked found that mockery was not a good idea!

Mock today and you may regret it tomorrow.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection

A Man endowed with giant might
Found, when by Fate deprived of sight.
His foe he never more could beat,
But still came off with a defeat.
The wags at will his rage provoke–
Dare him to fight, and shun his stroke.
Spreads he his arms? They duck beneath,
And laugh to see the blow of death
Batter the stones, and hurl them high.
Directed still with aim awry.
Thus, from the dread, he grew the jest,
Of those his power should have repressed.
At length kind Heaven relief supplies,
And clears the mist that dimmed his eyes.
Our Hercules his sight regains,
And peace with sight at once obtains.
Those in his blindness most unjust,
Now to his generous mercy trust;
To brave his wrath would cost them dear;
The hour he saw renewed their fear.