The Hermit and The Bear

A Bear guarded a sleeping Hermit from flies except for one which landed on the Hermit’s nose. The Bear killed the fly but also bruised the Hermit’s face. An imprudent friend often does as much mischief as the worst enemy.

The Toad and The May-Fly

An ancient Toad bragged about his background. A May-fly, born that morning, related how his life meant far more than the life of the old Toad. He was right. Size and age don’t indicate importance.

The Fly And The Taper

A Fly circles round and round a lit candle. This poem describes the progress to its ultimate conclusion of burnt fly. Sometimes pleasure leads to pain.

The Fly And The Trout

A Fly was rejoicing while gliding over a stream one summer’s day. Too bad, as the stream had a hungry Trout who had a good meal of the Fly. Going after forbidden fruit may lead to disaster.

The Fly In St. Paul’s Cupola

A Fly examined columns in St. Paul’s to be rough and unfinished. A Spider commented the structure wasn’t built for the Fly but for a much larger creature. Take all factors into account before making a decision.

The Bee and The Fly

A Bee chided a Fly for being by the hive. The Fly responded the Bee should be more forgiving as when mad and stings, the Bee dies. Bee should mellow out. Use your talents wisely.

The Bald Man and The Fly

A bald man was bit by a fly and hit his head trying to kill the fly. The fly mocked him for his injury but the man said he will endure more to kill the fly. You will only injure yourself if you take notice of despicable enemies.

The Fly and The Draught-Mule

A Fly sat atop a Mule and said he should go faster or the Fly would bite him. The Mule did not care as he only answered to his driver. Ignore complainers who have no influence.

An Ant and A Fly

An ant and fly disputed their respective merits. The fly boasted about being on royalty; the ant talked about toiling for a living. The ant won. Work honestly and you won’t be scorned.

The Flies and The Honey Pot

Flies were attracted to a honey jar. They ate greedily. But, their feet and wings got covered with the honey so they could not get free. They died. Too much of a good thing can be bad.