The Fly In St. Paul’s Cupola

A Fly examined columns in St. Paul’s to be rough and unfinished. A Spider commented the structure wasn’t built for the Fly but for a much larger creature.

Take all factors into account before making a decision.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection

As a Fly was crawling leisurely up one of the columns of St. Paul’s Cupola, she often stopped, surveyed, examined, and at last broke forth into the following exclamation: “Strange, that any one who pretended to be an artist should leave so superb a structure with so many roughnesses unpolished!” “Ah, my friend,” said a very learned architect, who hung in his web under one of the capitals, “you should never decide of things beyond the extent of your capacity. This lofty building was not erected for such diminutive animals as you and I, but for a certain sort of creatures who are at least ten thousand times as large. To their eyes, it is very possible these columns may appear as smooth as to you appear the wings of your favourite mistress.”