The Glow-Worm

A Glow-worm was admired by night. He decided to come out in the day and shine but by day only looked like a normal old grub. Not so bright! If want to move up in station you must be fully prepared.

The Vain Glow-Worm

A Glow-worm was well respected in his group. A flatterer came up and said he should move up in society. Glow-worm said no; he would not be as important. None are so empty as those who are full of themselves.

The Philosopher And The Glow-Worm

A Glow-worm shone; a Philosopher picked it up and it went out but the Philosopher’s talk brought it back. The power to shine belongs to all. Don’t be led astray and you’ll shine for more than a day.

The Diamond and The Glowworm

A brilliant Diamond was found by a Glow-worm. The Glow-worm berated the Diamond after the sun went down and its glow faded. Diamond had the last word. Don’t get too hung up on your own self-image.

The Envious Glow-worm

A Glow-worm was envious of a chandelier in a distant palace. Its mate knew better and cautioned to just wait. Soon the chandelier was dark and all was well. Don’t be envious.