The Swallow and Other Birds

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. A Swallow was warned to eat all sown hemp seeds else they grow up; the fibers woven into a net. Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.

The Spendthrift and The Swallow

A man saw a Swallow early in the season and sold his coat. The weather turned cold again and the man bemoaned that it would kill him and the Swallow. Don’t draw a conclusion based on a single observation.

A Thrush and A Swallow

A Thrush’s mother disapproved of her son’s friendship with a Swallow. The Thrush and Swallow live at different seasons. One would kill the other. Know the nature of those you deal with.

The Hen and The Swallow

A Hen sat on eggs in am abandoned viper’s nest. A Swallow called her out asking why she would be incubating the eggs of a mortal enemy. Good question! A good natured man will often assist his own destruction.

The Swallow, The Serpent, and The Court of Justice

A Swallow nested on the Court of Justice. A Snake came and ate her babies. She bemoaned how she got no justice where others did. Justice is fickle.

The Swallow and The Crow

The Swallow and Crow argued about their plumage. The Crow said Swallow’s feathers are all good in the spring, but his protects him against the winter. The best of two equals lasts longest.