A Horse and A Lion

A Lion wanted a Horse for a meal. He tried taking the part of a doctor at a school. When the Horse showed up he saw through the sham and escaped by kicking. Fooling those trying to fool you is beneficial.

The Ass and The Mule

An ass was overloaded and asked for help. No help was forthcoming and the ass died. The other animal then had to carry the whole load. Help one another.

The Honest Horse

People were heaping false praise on Caligula on a horse. The horse threw him and was raised to high position because of being the only honest one. The honest man carries preference in esteem.

The Sorrel Mare And Her Master

A Sorrel Mare was favorite. Eventually worn out, she was sold to servants and then as a carriage horse. Master was in an accident and recognized the mare. Don’t cast out old friends; let them live in dignity.

The Favorite Horse

A Horse brought the Emperor safe out of battle. The Emperor created a magnificant stable for the Horse which could not have cared less. Happiness beyond the limits which nature has prescribed is an illusion.

The Council of Horses

A young Horse decried his servitude before the Horse Council. An elder Steed then argued that the reward is a warm stable and freedom in age. He won. Consider all views when arguing.

The Soldier and His Horses

A Soldier who had an excellent horse purchased a second and devoted himself to the second. The first diminished and questioned why. Things change. Nothing stays the same.

The Trooper and His Horse

A Trooper noticed a loose shoe on his Horse but did not take care of it. They were called to war; the horse stumbled; and the enemy slew the soldier. Take care of work as you find it.

The Colt and The Farmer

A well-bred Colt wasted his youth and fell into bad times. A Farmer took him in and nursed him to health and then used the racer for more menial tasks. Doing your own thing may not be the thing to do.

A Cock and Horses

A Cock started scratching the straw among Horses stamped their hooves. The Cock said everyone had to be careful that they did not tread on each other. It’s not wise to hold yourself in high esteem when it’s not warranted.