The Fox, The Wolf, and The Horse

Fox and Wolf approached a Horse to introduce themselves and assess the prey. Horse said his name was on his hoof. Fox demurred, Wolf got kicked. Smart Fox. Friends may turn on you.

The Horse and The Hog

A Hog derides a Horse on the way to battle because of his desire to die. The Horse says it’s better to die in battle than to just wait for the butcher. Die a gallant death.

The Ass and The Charger

An Ass bemoaned his treatment compared with a horse. The horse was taken into battle and died. The Ass thought better of his previous opinion. Be content with your station.

The Hares and The Frogs

Hares were tired of being afraid. They went to drown themselves when they scared some frogs. Fear no more. There is always someone worse off than yourself.

The Wolf and The Horse

A wolf met a Horse coming out of a field of oats. Wolf advised Horse to eat the fine oats. Horse was on to the Wolf as oats are not the food of Wolves. Men of evil reputation, when they perform a good deed, fail to get credit for it.

The Horse and The Ass

A Horse met an Ass on the road and demanded he move aside. The Ass complied but was delighted later to find the horse lame and abused along the same road. Better humble security than gilded danger.

A Boar and A Horse

A Boar dirtied water a Horse wanted to drink. Going to Man, the Horse agreed to be ridden to the water so Man could kill Boar. Horse never got released. Be careful how you take revenge; you could end up a slave.

The Hare With Many Friends

A Hare had many good weather friends. When trouble was near they all refused to help the Hare who only barely managed to escape on his own. He that has many friends, has no friends.

The Ass and The Horse

The Ass asked the eating Horse for some food. The Horse said to come by the stable later for a full bag of food. The Ass refused as he did not believe him. Without charity in the present, don’t expect charity in the future.

The Man, Horse, Ox, and Dog

A Man gave animals shelter and in return they gave him their attributes for various ages of his life: headstrong in youth, laborer later, then snappish. The Ages of Man