The Horse and The Hog

A Hog derides a Horse on the way to battle because of his desire to die. The Horse says it’s better to die in battle than to just wait for the butcher.

Die a gallant death.

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A Hog that was lazily lying in the sun on a dung-heap saw a War-Horse advancing, on his way to the battle-field. The Horse was gaily caparisoned, and proudly spurned the ground, as if impatient to charge the enemy. The Hog half lifted his head and, grunting, said to him, “What a fool you are to be so ready to rush to your death!” “Your speech,” replied the Horse, “fits well a vile animal, that only lives to get fat and be killed by the knife. If I die on the field, I die where duty calls me, and I shall leave the memory of a good name behind.”