The Lion and The Mouse

A Lion was caught in a net by freed by a Mouse that had, before, bothered the Lion. They became friends. Everyone has need of the other.

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

A Town and Country Mouse visited each other. The Town Mouse was fed basic food at leisure; the Country Mouse had to run away from fine food. He ran home. Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.

Belling The Cat

The mice met in council to figure out how to defeat the Cat. One suggested a bell for the Cat to warn them. Problem: Nobody would volunteer to bell the Cat. It is easy to propose impossible remedies.

The Mouse and The Weasel

A Weasel watched a Mouse go into the corn storage through a small hole. The Mouse ate so much he could not get back out without dieting. Weasel was amused. Gluttony is a sin.

The Farmer And The Rat

A Rat and Farmer were discussing a large harvest of grain. The Farmer was bragging; the Rat said much would go to waste and should be given out. Share and share alike.

The Rat and The Elephant

A Rat was full of itself on the King’s Highway. He chided an Elephant and the King as being inferior. The Royal Cat spied him and no more boasting. A resemblance to the great in some things does not make us great.

The Emigrant Mice

Two Mice contrived to move to a country that held Mice in esteem. On arrival they made such outrageous claims other Mice strangled them. Ooops. It is useless to go far in search of safety.

The Rats and The Cheese

The Rats wanted to set up a government like the Bees. They did but the politicians all set about finding ways to get to the cheese first. Politicians tend to look out for themselves first.

The Mice and The Trap

Mice saw bacon in a small room with only one entrance and exit. Most rushed in for the food; a few stayed back seeing a trip. These were right! The wise avoid things that are too good to be true.

The Two Rats

Older Rat found cheese in a trap. He told Younger Rat he could have it as he was full. Young Rat sprang the trap and died. Older Rat got the prize. Don’t just take advice blindly!