The Tree and The Reed

In a gale, a tree fell but reeds did not. It was observed that reeds can bend in the wind but trees can’t. Obscurity often brings safety.

The Nursery-Man And The Plantation

Fences around a nursery broke. Nursery-man asked the trees to donate branches. They said no assuming a prison. Cattle came unimpeded and no more trees. Consider wise advice instead of ignoring it out of self-importance.

The Thrush and The Fowler

A Thrush, seeking food, stayed too long on a branch as was caught even when it knew better. Men feel worst when they contribute to their own undoing.

The Olive-Tree and The Fig-Tree

An Olive Tree bragged that it was better because it was green all year. When snow came it broke the Olive Tree branches but not the other trees. Too bad. Brag and nature may bring you down.

The Travelers and The Plane-Tree

To the dismay of a Plane-Tree some men sitting under its shade talked badly about it. They got corrected. Some men underrate their best blessings.

The Trees Under The Protection of The Gods

Each of the gods picked a tree for protection. Minerva, wisest, picked the olive tree on account of its fruit which can be put to good use. Do what is useful.

The Peasant and The Apple Tree

A Peasant was cutting down an apple tree despite pleas from animals living in it. He stopped when he found a hive with honey. Tree now doing fine! Self-interest alone moves some men.

The Jackdaw and The Fox

Don’t deceive yourself. A Fox sees a jackdaw waiting for food from a tree with early fruit on it. The Fox tells the daw it is waiting in vain. Don’t deceive yourself.

The Eagle, Cat, and Wild Sow

While living in the same tree, a cat decided to fool the eagle above and sow below. The cat told each the other would attack. Paralyzed with fear they died. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

The Trees and The Axe

The trees willingly give a woodsman a shaft for his axe. Ooops, too bad. Nothing bothers a man more than to see he has aided his own undoing.