The Gnat and The Bull

A Gnat settled on a Bull. Before the Gnat left he asked the Bull if he could go. The Bull did not care as he had not even noticed the Gnat had some. Some men are of more consequence in their own eyes than in the eyes of their neighbors.

The Gnat And The Bee

A Gnat asked a Bee for charity in return for teaching music. The Bee demurred noting how poor his music had made the Gnat. If you offer something, make it something of value to the other.

The Lion, Jupiter, and The Elephant

A Lion bemoaned his state to Jupiter who refused to help. The Lion then saw an Elephant who was bothered by a Gnat. The Lion thought better of his state. There is always someone else worse off than you.

The Gnat and The Lion

A Gnat boasted he beat a Lion by stinging his face while the Lion tore his skin trying to get at the Gnat. Later the Gnat got caught in a web and was eaten. No matter how you brag, you can be undone.