The Mother, The Nurse, and The Fairy

A Nurse tells a Mother wanting to see her new baby boy a Fairy must have changed it as it looked not as it should. The Mother disagreed; all Mothers would. Mothers love their babies regardless of what others think.

The Mother and The Wolf

A Wolf overheard a mother telling a child if the child wasn’t quiet she would feed him to the wolves. Expecting supper, all the Wolf got was disappointment. Enemies promises were made to be broken.

The Monkeys and Their Mother

Mother Monkey had two babies. One was reared with love and one with neglect. The loved one was smothered and died; the other grew despite neglect. The best intentions will not always ensure success.

The Sick Kite

A sick kite begged his mother to visit altars and pray for his recovery. The mother said no as they had robbed all the altars she might pray at. We must make friends in prosperity if we would have their help in adversity.

The Boy and His Mother

A Boy about to be executed for stealing went to his Mother and bit her ear. He then accused her of abetting his first crime which later led to the gallows. We are made by our teachings in youth.

The Boy and The Nettles

A boy brushed a Nettle and was stung. His mother told him it had stung him because he brushed it. Grasp it boldly and it will not hurt you. Whatever you do, do it with all your might.