The Frog and The Ox

 A frog inflates itself bragging he can be as big as an ox or bull. Too big, too bad. Pop. Conceit may lead to self-destruction.

The Four Oxen and The Lion

Four oxen stood back to back against a lion. Mistake. The Lion picked each off one by one in turn. United we stand, divided we fall.

The Flea and The Ox

A Flea and Ox discussed their treatment by man. The Ox bore the work for the reward of being patted. The Flea commented that such patting would kill it. A reward for one might be destruction for another.

The Lion and Three Bulls

A Lion wanted to dine on some bulls but they grouped together when he advanced. One day the bulls went to different fields and were eaten one by one. Union is strength.

The Man, Horse, Ox, and Dog

A Man gave animals shelter and in return they gave him their attributes for various ages of his life: headstrong in youth, laborer later, then snappish. The Ages of Man

The Master and His Dogs

In the midst of a storm the Dogs watch their Master kill his Sheep, Goats, and Oxen in order to sustain himself. The Dogs decided to be safe and leave! He is not to be trusted as a friend who mistreats his own family.

The Stag in The Ox-Stall

A stag, fleeing, hid in a stable by burying itself in the hay. Stag left a horn showing and the Master saw. No more stag. Nothing escapes the master’s eye.

The Heifer and The Ox

A heifer (or calf) watched an ox pulling a plow and chided him for his hard life versus the others easy life. The ox got the last word. See why here. Be careful how you make fun of anyone.

The Oxen and The Butchers

Some Oxen wanted the destruction of the Butchers. A wiser member of the herd said to wait; Butchers slaughter skillfully; If gone unskilled will do the job. Do not rush to change evils.

The Oxen and The Axles

The oxen pulling a wagon were disturbed by the creaking of the wheels. Not seeing the heavy load on the wagon the oxen blamed the wheels for complaining. Those who suffer most cry out the least.