The Frogs Pick a King

Frogs prayed for a king but got a log. Prayed again and got a stork who started to have a feast on them. People are never satisfied.

The Frog and The Ox

 A frog inflates itself bragging he can be as big as an ox or bull. Too big, too bad. Pop. Conceit may lead to self-destruction.

The Boys and The Frogs

Boys playing by a pond began to throw rocks at Frogs, killing several. Frogs cried out they should stop as sport to the Boys was death to the Frogs. Play for one may be death to another.

The Two Frogs

Two Frogs had to leave their dry pond and encountered a well. One said they should live there; the other cautioned about getting out if they needed to. Look before you leap.

The Toad and The May-Fly

An ancient Toad bragged about his background. A May-fly, born that morning, related how his life meant far more than the life of the old Toad. He was right. Size and age don’t indicate importance.

The Frog and The Tadpole

A Tadpole admired a canebreak until a wind snapped off pieces at which point the Frog mother pointed out what looked good was pith and emptiness. Looks are not everything.

The Frog and The Hen

A Frog complained about a Hen cackling over laying an egg. The Hen pointed out she had to bear his croaking over nothing all the time. Don’t demand others be good when you are not good yourself.

A Mouse and A Frog

Frog and Mouse lived across a stream. Mouse agreed to be taken across to visit Frog. Frog gets greedy and dives; Mouse screams. Kite hears and takes both. When fools fight others run away with the prize.

The Frogs and The Fighting Bulls

A frog saw two bulls fighting but wasn’t worried. Another frog said he should be as the loser might come to live in the area. The loser did and frogs died. Watch out for unintended consequences.

The Frightened Lion

Imaginary fears are the worst. A frightened lion gets scared by a bullfrog while crossing a swamp. Imaginary fears are the worst.