The Tortoise and The Eagle

A Tortoise wanted to fly and promised riches. An Eagle heard and took the Tortoise for a ride. No reward though so a second ride and sudden drop followed. Never put yourself in your enemy’s clutches.

The Eagle and The Daw

A Daw saw an eagle carry off a sheep and tried the same trick. The daw could not do it and got caught. Ouch. Don’t take on more than you can accomplish.

The Eagle and The Sycophant-Bird

Eagle attended a concert of birds and screeched in reply. All clapped except a Sycophant who issued false praise the Eagle accepted and others appreciated. The highest art of flattery conveys praise in an indirect manner.

The Eagle and The Jackdaw

An Eagle was bothered by a Daw who made up attributes to praise the Eagle in order to curry favor. Didn’t work. Eagle saw through it and kicked the Daw out. False praise leads to disaster.

The Eagle and The Beetle

Beetle begged an Eagle for a favor. Rebuffed, Beetle destroyed Eagle’s eggs no matter where they were laid. Now Beetles sleep while Eagle’s eggs hatch. The weak may find a way to avenge a wrong.

The Conceited Owl

A young Owl wanted to marry the daughter of the Eagle. A Crow presented the proposal. The Eagle said OK if the Owl would meet at sunrise. No marriage. Know your place.

The Eagle, The Jackdaw, and The Magpie

A Jackdaw and Magpie vied for importance at the Eagle’s court. Asked which took precedence, the Eagle said that the greater fool would be. Only fools try to be self-important.

The Deceived Eagle

An Eagle on the prowl for a meal spied some hair he took for a Hare and swooped down and grabbed it. Too late he found the hair was really a wild Cat. Oopsl Look before you leap.

The Eagle and The Owl

The Eagle and Owl agreed to no harm each others babies. Owl described hers as charming little dears. Eagle came upon ugly babies and ate them. Owl lied. If you lie it might come back to haunt you.

The Eagle and The Kite

A Kite brags to an Eagle in order to woo the Eagle. The Eagle weds the Kite and then asks the Kite to demonstrate the truth of the tale. It was a lie. Some people will do anything to get what they want.