The Eagle and His Captor

An Eagle was caught and had his wings clipped. A neighbor bought the Eagle and let his wings grow out. A Fox cautioned the Eagle about paying tribute. Favor those who do you kindness.

The Eagle and The Fox

An Eagle and Fox befriended each other. The Eagle, hungry, brought a Fox kit to her young. The Fox was delighted when some hot meat burned the Eagle’s nest. God is the ultimate judge.

The Sparrow and The Hare

A Sparrow berated a Hare for being caught by an Eagle. Right at that time a Hawk comes and captures the Sparrow. Misery loves company.

The Lion and The Eagle

An Eagle asked a Lion for a truce for mutual advantage. The Lion said OK but only if the Eagle provided a bond against just flying away. Try before you trust.

The Serpent and The Eagle

Serpent had the best of an Eagle when a man freed the Eagle. Serpent put venom into the man’s water but the Eagle knocked it out of his hand. Man lived. Help those who help you.

The Eagle, Cat, and Wild Sow

While living in the same tree, a cat decided to fool the eagle above and sow below. The cat told each the other would attack. Paralyzed with fear they died. Don’t let fear paralyze you.

Hares, Foxes and Eagles

In a war with Eagles, the Hares called for Foxes to help. The Foxes said they did not know the Hares or who they were fighting and so demurred. Count the cost before you commit yourselves.

The Peasant and The Eagle

A Peasant freed an Eagle from a trap. Later, Eagle seeing the Peasant under an unsafe wall made Peasant chase him. When he returned, the wall had fallen. Return favors.

The Eagle and The Arrow

An Eagle flying was hit by an Arrow. Looking back at it, the Eagle saw feathers from an Eagle on the Arrow. What a great irony! We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.

The Fighting Cocks and The Eagle

Two Cocks were fighting to rule the yard. The loser hid while the winner danced around the yard drawing an Eagle’s attention. Bye-bye loser, hello winner. Pride goes before the fall.