The Eagle and The Owl

The Eagle and Owl agreed to no harm each others babies. Owl described hers as charming little dears. Eagle came upon ugly babies and ate them. Owl lied.

If you lie it might come back to haunt you.

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OwlThe Eagle and the Owl, after many quarrels, swore that they would be fast friends for ever, and that they would never harm each other’s young ones. “But do you know my little ones?” said the 0wl. “If you do not, I fear it will go hard with them when you find them.” “Nay, then, I do not,” replied the Eagle. “The greater your loss,” said the Owl; “they are the sweetest, prettiest things in the world. Such clear eyes! such charming plumage! such winning little ways! You’ll know them, now, from my description.” A short time after, the Eagle found the little ones in a hollow tree. “These hideous little staring frights, at any rate, cannot be neighbour owl’s delicious pets,” said the Eagle; “so I may make away with them without the least misgiving.” The Owl, finding her young ones gone, loaded the Eagle with reproaches. “Nay,” answered the Eagle, “blame yourself rather than me. If you paint with such flattering colours, it is not my fault if I do not recognise your portraits. “