The Rose And The Snail

A Snail pointed out to a Rose that the only thing that destroyed her beauty were the thorns. The Rose got rid of thorns. The Snail then had a nice meal. Don’ let down your defenses.

The Gardener And The Rose

The flowers were summoned to a meeting. Rose showed up late. While not rejected, the Rose was made to stand alone as queen. Know your place.

The Rose and The Butterfly

A Butterfly and Rose were in love. The Butterfly flew to other flowers and the Rose was miffed. Butterfly pointed out the other insects that visited Rose. Do not expect constancy in others if you have none yourself.

The Laurustinus and The Rose Tree

A Rose in all its glory berated a simple Vine. The Gardener told the Rose that it was pretty now but in the winter the Vine will be the pride of the garden. Prudence as well as gratitude, is concerned in the protection of a friend that will show his friendship in adversity.

The Rose and The Amaranth

An Amaranth envied a rose but the rose said it would rather have the immortal life of the Amaranth. Accept your own fate.