The Bees, The Drones, and The Wasp

Drones took over a hive. The Bees objected and asked the Wasp to judge the issue. The Wasp asked each side to build a comb. Bees did, Drones not. Bees won. Pretenders will be found out.

The Wasps, Partridges, and The Farmer

Wasps and Partridges asked a Farmer for water and promised doing tasks in return. The Farmer said his Oxen do that work already so he would water them. Charity begins at home, but this does not prevent the further exercise of it.

The Wasp and The Snake

A Wasp tormented a Snake close to death. The Snake decided to put his head under a wagon wheel in hopes to take the Wasp with him in death. As a last resort take your enemy with you.