The Wasp and The Snake

A Wasp tormented a Snake close to death. The Snake decided to put his head under a wagon wheel in hopes to take the Wasp with him in death.

As a last resort take your enemy with you.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A wasp seated himself upon the head of a Snake and, striking him unceasingly with his stings, wounded him to death. The Snake, being in great torment and not knowing how to rid himself of his enemy, saw a wagon heavily laden with wood, and went and purposely placed his head under the wheels, saying, “At least my enemy and I shall perish together.”

1001Serpens et Vespa

Vespa, in serpentis capite olim insidens continuisque aculei sui ictibus feriens, atrociter ipsum vexabat. Serpens itaque, magnis doloribus excruciatus, cum eam nec ulcisci nec a se removere ullo modo posset, forte plaustrum multis lignis onustum cum vidisset, suum caput ultro rotae supposuit, “Moriamur,” aiens, “sed cum hoste moriamur.” Atque ita una cum vespa exstinctus est.

Perry #216