The Mouse and The Weasel

A Weasel watched a Mouse go into the corn storage through a small hole. The Mouse ate so much he could not get back out without dieting. Weasel was amused. Gluttony is a sin.

The Rabbit, The Weasel, and The Cat

A Weasel went into a Rabbit’s home while gone. The Rabbit complained and a Cat said it would judge. They came close and the Cat pounced. The Cat won. The strong are apt to settle questions to their own advantage.

The Fox, The Weasel, and The Rabbit

A Rabbit was safe from a Fox. He felt different when a Weasel teamed with Fox. Weasel chased him from the hole and Fox snared and shared him. Yum! Sometimes an alliance is needed to perform a task properly.

The Man and The Weasel

A Man caught a Weasel who pled for his life based on his catching Mice for the Man. In truth, the Weasel caught mice for his own needs/pleasure. To bad. Some take credit for things they do for themselves.

The Weasel and The Mice

An infirm Weasel tried to trick mice by rolling in flour as a disguise. An older mouse saw through the trick. Where strength fails, guile may succeed.

The Swollen Fox

A Fox took himself through a small hole to eat his fill of what’s inside. Now too big to get back out the Fox has to wait until he returns to normal size. Don’t be greedy.

The Mice and The Weasels

Mice and Weasels were fighting. The Mice picked their bravest to lead and made them generals. Mice fled when Weasels came but generals could not. Too bad. The more honor the more danger.

The Bat and The Weasels

A Bat caught by a Weasel pleaded to live as the Weasel thought he was a bird and wasn’t. Caught again he pleaded as a Mouse. Once more free. It is sometimes wise to turn circumstances.