The Young Mouse, The Cock, and The Cat

A young Mouse described his first trip out. He thought a Cat friendly and a Cock to be a frightening monster. His mother quickly set him straight. Looks can be deceiving.

A Mouse and A Frog

Frog and Mouse lived across a stream. Mouse agreed to be taken across to visit Frog. Frog gets greedy and dives; Mouse screams. Kite hears and takes both. When fools fight others run away with the prize.

The Married Mouse

A mouse married a lion but regrets doing so when the lion steps on the mouse. One may be too ambitious

The Eagle and The Kite

A Kite brags to an Eagle in order to woo the Eagle. The Eagle weds the Kite and then asks the Kite to demonstrate the truth of the tale. It was a lie. Some people will do anything to get what they want.

The Weasel and The Mice

An infirm Weasel tried to trick mice by rolling in flour as a disguise. An older mouse saw through the trick. Where strength fails, guile may succeed.

The Mouse and The Bull

A Mouse bothered a Bull to the point where the Bull tried to tear down the wall. He could not and slept where the Mouse could attack him again. The great do not always prevail.

The Cat and The Mice

A cat came to a house with mice and started to feast. The mice hid and the cat, thinking to fool them, hung itself from a peg as a bag. Didn’t work. Do not put yourself at the mercy of a known enemy.

The Mice and The Weasels

Mice and Weasels were fighting. The Mice picked their bravest to lead and made them generals. Mice fled when Weasels came but generals could not. Too bad. The more honor the more danger.

The Mouse and The Frog

A Mouse and Frog fought so hard they did not notice a Hawk overhead. The Hawk saw them and swooped down and carried them both off to supper. When fools fight others run away with the prize.

The Lion, The Mouse, and The Fox

A Lion was asleep when a Mouse ran over his mane waking him. He searched for the Mouse not out of fear but because of his familiarity and ill-breeding. Small liberties can be large offenses.