The Trooper and His Horse

A Trooper noticed a loose shoe on his Horse but did not take care of it. They were called to war; the horse stumbled; and the enemy slew the soldier.

Take care of work as you find it.

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Trooper and Horse

Ernest Griset (1874)

As a Trooper was dressing his Horse, he noticed that one of the shoe-nails had dropped out, yet he postponed for the present striking in another nail. Soon after he was summoned by sound of trumpet to join his corps, which was commanded to advance rapidly and charge the enemy. In the heat of the action the loose shoe fell off, his horse became lame, stumbled, and threw his rider to the ground, who was immediately slain by the enemy.


[Note: The Northcote fable is the same fable as in the JBR Collection above. Only the illustrations and Application associated with the fable in the Northcote book are displayed here.]


A well-known proverb warns us, never to leave that to be done to-morrow which may be done to-day: but the foregoing apologue shews, that even an hour’s delay of a business seemingly trivial occasioned death. J. N.

JN Fable 044

Sketch: James Northcote; Wood drawing: William Harvey; Engraving: T. Moses (1828)

JN Fable 044a

Wood drawing: William Harvey; Engraving: S. Slader (1828)