The Diamond and The Glowworm

A brilliant Diamond was found by a Glow-worm. The Glow-worm berated the Diamond after the sun went down and its glow faded. Diamond had the last word.

Don’t get too hung up on your own self-image.

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A Diamond happened to fall from the solitaire of a young lady, as she was walking one evening on a terrace in the garden. A Glowworm, who had beheld it sparkling in its descent, soon as the gloom of night had eclipsed its lustre, began to mock and to insult it. “Art thou that wondrous thing that vauntest of such prodigious brightness? Where now is all thy boasted brilliancy? Alas, in evil hour has fortune thrown thee within the reach of my superior blaze!” “Conceited insect,” replied the diamond, “thou owest thy feeble glimmer to the darkness that surrounds thee; know my lustre bears the test of day, and even derives its chief advantage from that distinguishing light, which discovers thee to be no more than a dark and paltry worm.”