The Dolphins, The Whales, and The Sprat

Dolphins and Whales were fighting when a Sprat offered to help them. Seems they would rather fight. Too bad.

Some would rather fight than not.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

The dolphins and Whales waged a fierce war with each other. When the battle was at its height, a Sprat lifted its head out of the waves and said that he would reconcile their differences if they would accept him as an umpire. One of the Dolphins replied, “We would far rather be destroyed in our battle with each other than admit any interference from you in our affairs.”

1001Delphini et Balaenae

Delphini et balaenae inter se pugnabant. Pugna vero cum magis magisque incalesceret, pisciculus quidam caput extulit undis eosque reconciliare inter sese conabatur. At quidam ex delphinis eum interpellans, “Profecto,” inquit, “tolerabilius est nobis mutuis vulneribus occumbere quam te pacis auctorem habere.”

Perry #062