A Wolf and A Sow

A Wolf came to a Sow and offered to baby sit. “Thank you but no thank you,” said the Sow.

An enemy is most dangerous when offering you help.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection

A Sow had just farrowed, and lay in the sty with her whole litter of pigs about her. A Wolf who longed for a little one but knew not how to come by it, endeavoured to insinuate herself in the good opinion of the mother. “How do you find yourself today, Mrs. Sow?” said she. “A little fresh air would certainly do you great good. Now, do go abroad and air yourself a little, and I will with pleasure mind your young ones till you return.” “Many thanks for your offer, replied the Sow. “I know very well what kind of care you would take of my little ones. If you really wished to be as obliging as you pretend to be, you would not show me your face again.”

L'Estrange VersionL’Estrange version

A wolf came to a sow that was just lying down, and very kindly offer’d to take care of her litter. The sow as civily thank’d her for her love, and desir’d she would be pleas’d to stand off a little, and do her the good office at a distance.


There are no snares so dangerous as those that are laid for us under the name of good offices.

1001Sus Parturiens et Lupus

Parturiebat sus; pollicetur lupus se custodem fore fetus. Respondet puerpera lupi obsequio se non egere, oratque, si velit pius haberi, longius abeat; lupi enim benevolentia constabat non praesentia, sed absentia.


Non sunt cuncta cunctis credenda; multi enim suam operam pollicentur non tui amore, sed sui, suum quaerentes commodum, non tuum.

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