The Sow and The Cat

A Sow and Cat (Dog) were discussing and comparing litters to no avail. But, the Sow got in the last word.

One with the last word has the advantage.

JBR CollectionJBR Collection

A Sow and a Cat once talking together, the conversation turned upon the comparative largeness of their families. “I have as large families, and as often, as anybody,” said the Cat with a conceited air. “Ay, ay,” grunted the Sow, “that may be; but you are always in so much haste about it, that you bring your kittens into the world blind.”

Samuel CroxallSamuel Croxall (The Sow and the Bitch)

Croxall - Sow and BitchA Sow and Bitch happening to meet, a debate arose betwixt them, concerning their fruitfulness. The Bitch insisted upon it, that she brought more at a litter, and oftener, than any other four-legged creature. Ay, says the Sow, you do indeed, but you are always in so much haste about it, that you bring your Puppies into the world blind.


The more haste the worse speed, is a most excellent proverb, and worthy to be worn upon some conspicuous part of our dress or equipage, that it may give us a proper check, when we go about any thing of importance; which otherwise we might be apt to pursue with too much hurry and precipitation. It is no wonder our productions should come into the world blind or lame, or otherwise defective, when by unnatural methods we accelerate their birth, and refuse to let them go their full time. And if a hasty publication be such a crime, what must it be to brag, and make profession of it in prefaces and dedications, as the practice of some is? Sure such writers fancy the world will admire their parts, when they endeavour thus to convince them how much they have wrote, and how little time and pains they have bestowed upon it. But, however, the advertisements and hints they give us of this kind, may be so far useful, as to induce us to take them at their words, and spare ourselves the trouble of perusing a treatise, which they assure us beforehand is incorrect and faulty, through the idleness, impatience, or wilful neglect of the author.

L'Estrange VersionL’Estrange version

A sow and a bitch had a dispute once, which was the fruitfuller of the two. The sow yielded it at last to the bitch; but you are to take notice at the same time, says she, that your puppies are all blind.


The question among all sorts of competitors is not who does most, but who does best.

1001Sus et Canis, Contendentes

Sus et canis de pariendi facilitate contendebant. Porro cum canis se citius animalibus omnibus filios suos in lucem edere affirmaret, sus, ad eam conversa, “Heus tu,” inquit, “dum haec dicis, memento te eos caecos parere.”


Fabula declarat non ex celeritate sed ex perfectione de rebus esse iudicandum.

Perry #223