The Frog and The Hen

A Frog complained about a Hen cackling over laying an egg. The Hen pointed out she had to bear his croaking over nothing all the time.

Don’t demand others be good when you are not good yourself.

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Frog and Hen

Ernest Griset (1874)

“Dear me!” said a Frog to himself one day as he heard a Hen cackling near his bog; “what a very noisy creature that Hen is to be sure! Mrs. Hen,” he called out, “do be quiet; you’ll alarm the whole neighbourhood. Really one would think you had made a grand discovery. What is the cause or the meaning of all this uproar?” “My dear sir, have patience with me I’ve laid an egg.” “Upon my word you make a great fuss over one egg.” “well, well, I’m sorry to see you so ill-tempered at my little song of joy, when I’ve endured without a murmur your croaking all day and night long. But I claim to have done some good, though that may be small. You, on the contrary, should hold your tongue, for you certainly do no good whatever.”