The Ant and The Chrysalis

An Ant chided a Chrysalis for not being able to move. Later, a beautiful Butterfly told the Ant he should not boast and then flew away on the wind.

Before giving advice to others know all the facts.

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Ant and ChrysalisAn Ant nimbly running about in the sunshine in search of food, came across a Chrysalis that was very near its time of changing. The Chrysalis moved its tail, and thus attracted the attention of the Ant, who then saw for the first time that it was alive. “Poor, pitiable animal!” cried the Ant disdainfully; “what a sad fate is yours! While I can run hither and thither, at my pleasure, and, if I wish, ascend the tallest tree, you lie imprisoned here in your shell, with power only to move a joint or two of your scaly tail.” The Chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply. A few days after, when the Ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had become of its contents. he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a beautiful Butterfly, “Behold in me,” said the Butterfly, “your much-pitied friend! Boast now of your powers to run and climb as long as you can get me to listen.” So saying, the Butterfly rose in the air, and, borne along and aloft on the summer breeze, was soon lost to the sight of the Ant for ever.