The Cat and The Sparrows

A Cat and Sparrow were friends playing together. Sparrow made an enemy of another and asked Cat to eat them. Cat did and liked so much friend was eaten too.

Watch out. True nature will out.

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A great friendship existed between a Sparrow and a Cat, to whom, when quite a kitten, the bird had been given. The Sparrow would fly into little mimic rages, and peck the Cat with his bill, while Pussy would beat him off with only half-opened claws; and though this sport would often wax warm, there was never real anger between them. It happened, however, that the bird made the acquaintance of another Sparrow, and being both of them saucy fellows, they soon fell out and quarrelled in earnest. The little friend of the Cat, in these fights, generally fared the worst; and one day he came trembling all over with passion, and besought the Cat to avenge his wrongs for him. Pussy thereupon pounced on the offending stranger and speedily crunched him up and swallowed him. “I had no idea before that Sparrows were so nice,” said the Cat to herself, whose blood was now stirred; and as quick as thought her little playmate was seized and sent to join his enemy.