The Husbandman That Lost His Mattock

A Husbandman lost his Mattock. Men denied knowing so he went to town to ask the Oracle. Oracle robbed the night before; nobody knew by who. Man went home. Even gods may not know everything.

The Creaking Wheel

A Coachman noticed a creaking wheel on his wagon. He asked the wheel why it complained and it answered that was a privilege of the weak. Complaining is the privilege of the weak.

The Harper

A Harper (man playing the harp) thought himself good enough to play on the public stage. The audience’s hisses proved him otherwise. Too much ambition. Do not strive beyond your abilities.

The Man, The Boy, and The Donkey

A man tries to take the advice of many different people regarding his donkey and ends up with the worst of the deal. Please all, and you will please none.

The Laborer and The Nightingale

A Nightingale was caught and caged then asked to sing. He refused but said on release three secrets would be told. The three all said to keep what you have. Keep what you have.

The Ass and His Driver

An Ass being driven on a road veered toward a cliff. The Driver tried to stop the Ass but could not and had to let the Ass drop. Too bad for the Ass. You can’t always stop a fool.

The Bald Man and The Fly

A bald man was bit by a fly and hit his head trying to kill the fly. The fly mocked him for his injury but the man said he will endure more to kill the fly. You will only injure yourself if you take notice of despicable enemies.

The Eagle and His Captor

An Eagle was caught and had his wings clipped. A neighbor bought the Eagle and let his wings grow out. A Fox cautioned the Eagle about paying tribute. Favor those who do you kindness.

The Rich Man and The Tanner

A rich man complained about the smell from a near-by tanner. The tanner said he would move but did not and the rich man eventually got used to the smell. One can get used to most anything.

The Flea and The Man

A Flea begged for his life after biting a man. No argument the Flea used could be enough to sway the man from killing the evil Flea. Tolerate no evil.