The Lion, Jupiter, and The Elephant

A Lion bemoaned his state to Jupiter who refused to help. The Lion then saw an Elephant who was bothered by a Gnat. The Lion thought better of his state. There is always someone else worse off than you.

Jupiter, Neptune, Minerva, and Momus

Momus was asked to judge the labors of other gods. Momus was jealous and so criticized the work of each. Jupiter saw through this and expelled him. Judge honestly or not at all.

The Goods and The Ills

The Goods were driven away by many Ills. Jupiter advised them that influencing man one at a time rather than all at once would get them past the Ills. Good things happen less often.

Jupiter and a Serpent

A Serpent brought the gift of a rose to Jupiter who refused the gift as accepting it would put him in debt to a Serpent. Not a good thing. If you receive a gift you must befriend the giver.

Jupiter and Modesty

Jupiter forgot Modesty when making man and released Modesty after. Modesty agreed so long as carnal love was not present at the same time. Modesty and carnal love cannot survive together.

A Fox and A Hare to Jupiter

A Fox and a Hare prayed to Jupiter for the benefit each other had: Fox for swiftness and Hare for slyness. Jupiter said each should not covet. Make due. Do not pray for more than your due.

Jupiters Wedding

Jupiter invited all animals to his wedding. The tortoise was late with the excuse he was slow from home. From then on Jupiter made him carry his house. A beggar may be as proud and as happy in a cottage, as a prince in a palace.

Jupiter and Fraud

Jupiter had a potion of fraud and hypocrisy made but too much was made and the unused part went to tailors. There’s knavery in all trades; most in tailors. It is natural to be a knave; men must rise above.

The Trees Under The Protection of The Gods

Each of the gods picked a tree for protection. Minerva, wisest, picked the olive tree on account of its fruit which can be put to good use. Do what is useful.

The She Goats and Their Beards

Female Goats got beards like the males who then complained to Jupiter. Jupiter said the let them be as they were not as strong or courageous as males. It matters little if those who are inferior to us in merit should be like us in outside appearances.