Jupiter and The Animals

Jupiter called all the animals together to discuss any changes to looks desired. All spoke of other animals but not themselves. Jupiter sent them all away.

Be content and make the best of your lot.

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Jupiter one day, being in great good-humour, called upon all living things to come before him, and if, looking at themselves and at one a nother, there should be in the appearance of any one of them anything which admitted of improvement, they were to speak of it without fear. “Come, Master Ape,” said he, “you shall speak first. Look around you, and then say, are you satisfied with your good looks?” “I should think so,” answered the Ape; “and have I not reason? If I were like my brother the Bear, now, I might have something to say.” “Nay,” growled the Bear, “I don’t see that there’s much to find fault with in me; but if you could manage to lengthen the tail and trim the ears of our friend the Elephant, that might be an improvement.” The Elephant, in his turn , said that he had alwayc considered the Whale a great deal too big to be comely. The Ant thought the Mite so small as to be beneath notice. Jupiter became angry to witness so much conceit, and sent them all about their business.