The Cat and Venus

In a test a Cat was turned into a young maiden. She found a young man and were to be wed. At the wedding Venus released a Mouse and the maiden chased it. Nature exceeds nurture.

The Oaks and Jupiter

The Oaks complained to Jupiter about being cut so often. Jupiter told them they make excellent structures; if they did not then they would be cut less. Men make their own fate.

An Ant Formerly A Man

A Man used to steal and store goods from neighbors. Jupiter turned him into an Ant but his behavior did not change. At the root, people stay the same even if they look like they are changing.

The Ass and His Masters

An Ass worked under many masters, each worked him harder than the last. He decried ever leaving the first as the last was a tanner who will take his hide. Tis madness and folly to appeal to providence and nature.

The Bee and Jupiter

A Queen Bee gave honey to Jupiter and asked, in return, for a sting against those who attack. Jupiter gave her a sting but with it comes death if used. Evil wishes, like chickens, come home to roost.

Jupiter and The Monkey

In a beautiful baby contest a Monkey presented her baby to Jupiter. Others laughed but Monkey asserted that whatever happened her baby was beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.