The Spectacles

Jupiter gave mankind a gift of spectacles; each a different color and strength. Everybody thought their pair was better than all others.

Each has their own best opinion.

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Ernest Griset (1874)

Jupiter, one day, enjoying himself over a bowl of nectar, and in a merry humour, determined to make mankind a present. Momus was appointed to convey it to them, who, mounted on a rapid car, was presently on earth. “Come hither,” said he, “ye happy mortals; great Jupiter has opened for your benefit his all-gracious hands. ‘Tis true he made you somewhat short-sighted, but, to remedy that inconvenience, behold how he has favoured you!” So saying, he unloosened his portmanteau, when an infinite number of spectacles tumbled out, and were picked up by the crowd with all the eagerness imaginable. There was enough for all, for every man had his pair. But it was soon found that these spectacles did not represent objects to all mankind alike; for one pair was purple, another blue; one was white and another black; some of the glasses were red, some green, and some yellow. In short, there were all manner of colours, and every shade of colour. However, notwithstanding this diversity, every man was charmed with his own, as believing it the best, and enjoyed in opinion all the satisfaction of truth. Bow strangely, indeed, all mankind differ in their opinions, and how strongly each is attached to his own!