The Fox and The Monkey

An unqualified Monkey became king. A Fox tricked the Monkey into a trap. Monkey asked the Fox how he could do such a thing. Fox said he should have known.

A ruler needs many talents.

A Monkey once danced before the assembled Beasts. He so pleased them, they elected him their King. A Fox, envious of the honor, discovered a trap with meat in it. She led the Monkey to the trap saying it was a treasure trove. The Monkey went carelessly into the trap and was caught. The Monkey accused the Fox of purposely leading him into the trap, but the Fox only chided the Monkey for pretending to be King with no qualifications.

Aesop For ChildrenAesop For Children

Fox Monkey

Milo Winter (1919)

At a great meeting of the Animals, who had gathered to elect a new ruler, the Monkey was asked to dance. This he did so well, with a thousand funny capers and grimaces, that the Animals were carried entirely off their feet with enthusiasm, and then and there, elected him their king.

The Fox did not vote for the Monkey and was much disgusted with the Animals for electing so unworthy a ruler.

One day he found a trap with a bit of meat in it. Hurrying to King Monkey, he told him he had found a rich treasure, which he had not touched because it belonged by right to his majesty the Monkey.

The greedy Monkey followed the Fox to the trap. As soon as he saw the meat he grasped eagerly for it, only to find himself held fast in the trap. The Fox stood off and laughed.

“You pretend to be our king,” he said, “and cannot even take care of yourself!”

Shortly after that, another election among the Animals was held.


The true leader proves himself by his qualities.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A Monkey once danced in an assembly of the Beasts, and so pleased them all by his performance that they elected him their King. A Fox, envying him the honor, discovered a piece of meat lying in a trap, and leading the Monkey to the place where it was, said that she had found a store, but had not used it; she had kept it for him as treasure trove of his kingdom, and counseled him to lay hold of it. The Monkey approached carelessly and was caught in the trap; and on his accusing the Fox of purposely leading him into the snare, she replied, “O Monkey, and are you, with such a mind as yours, going to be King over the Beasts?”

1001Simius Rex et Vulpes

In quadam brutorum animalia corona, simius saltabat. Qua quidem in re cum se mirifice atque egregie tulisset, rex ab illis extemplo renuntiatur. Ei vero vulpes invidens, cum laqueo suppositas carnes alicubi vidisset, eum illuc adduxit et has inquit a se repertas; iuxta leges non sibi sumpsisse, sed muneri ei debitas servasse, ac simul ut capiat hortatur. Tum simius, inconsulto accedens, ut laqueo irretitum se sentit, vulpem ut dolosam insidiosamque incusat. Ei vero vulpes “Tune,” inquit, “O simie, fortuna talem ad dignitatem evectus, brutis animantibus dominaris?”


Fabula ostendit eos quoque, qui res inconsiderate aggrediuntur, praeter calamitates, deridiculos etiam esse.

Perry #081