The Mouse and The Bull

A Mouse bothered a Bull to the point where the Bull tried to tear down the wall. He could not and slept where the Mouse could attack him again.

The great do not always prevail.

Townsend VersionTownsend version

A bull was bitten by a Mouse and, angered by the wound, tried to capture him. But the Mouse reached his hole in safety. Though the Bull dug into the walls with his horns, he tired before he could rout out the Mouse, and crouching down, went to sleep outside the hole. The Mouse peeped out, crept furtively up his flank, and again biting him, retreated to his hole. The Bull rising up, and not knowing what to do, was sadly perplexed. At which the Mouse said, “The great do not always prevail. There are times when the small and lowly are the strongest to do mischief.”

1001Mus et Bos

Opimum bovem resupinatum in stramento arrodere mus coepit et dentibus multa carne densum femur lacerare. At bos primum caput quassabat, et movebat cornua, mox etiam exsiliebat, et circumspicebat, ac vestigabat hostem. Cui mus, de cavernula sua caput exerens, “Quantilla,” inquit, “ego bestiola quantum animal excitare potui.”

Perry #353