A Dog and A Butcher

While a Butcher was busy a Dog came into the shop and ran off with a Sheep’s heart. The Butcher called out that he would be better prepared next time.

If you’ve learned something by a loss, it really wasn’t a loss.

L'Estrange VersionL’Estrange version

As a butcher was busy about his meat, a dog runs away with a sheeps heart. The butcher saw him upon the gallop with a piece of flesh in’s mouth, and call’d out after him, Heark ye friend (says he) you may e’en make the best of your purchase, so long as y’ave made me the wiser for’t.


It may serve as a comfort to us in all our calamities and afflictions, that he that loses any thing and gets wisdom by’t, is a gainer by the loss.

1001Macellarius et Canis

Canis ex macello cor ad dapes rapuerat. Conversus autem ad illum, macellarius “Cor non surripuisti,” inquit, “sed addidisti mihi. Cum ergo iterum huc redieris, rapinae praemia ostendam tibi.”


Damnum dociles et attentos reddit.

Perry #254